GeoGebra is a European-founded maths education platform and tools. I worked on a one-week hiring challenge to build a high-fidelity prototype.

Business case

Create a learning experience that students would like to use. GeoGebra already benefits from state contracts and a large engagement with teachers. But the students are left behind, only engaging with the tools when forced to. Want can be done with the student in mind?

mvp matrix of what to include in the geo gebra app
persona of the highschool student made for geogebra


Most students are looking for something to learn on the go. Their main concern is that the exercises and knowledge is the one they should learn for their exams. Furthermore practising math on the go is almost impossible as it requires a calculator and writing calculus on paper.


A mobile app that merges lessons and exercise enhanced with a unique way of taking notes. To solve a High school math problem, you need to write down calculus. I designed an app that combines the entire learning process and leverage the power of the teacher’s community for input.

ux flow and wireframe showing the proposal for the geo gebra app

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