Biekos is a medical startup building a journal and self-care for people suffering from chronic pain. I was hired to create the first version of the application and build the ideas of the founders who where a PhD and a software engineer.

Business case

The company’s vision is to help people suffering from chronic pain by doing their journaling and giving them answers as to what can help them get better. The goal was to build the first MVP and start a clinical test.

image of input test for a medical questionnaire
demo of early wireframe for the biekos app

The challenge

The founders had a lot of ideas about what the application needed to be able to do. We had a roadmap of features to be built but we had no brand no application and no shell to make all the services work together. My work was to propose several alternatives for the branding and application structure in order to see which one was the most robust going forward.


We created an application with the goal of being friendly, it has a companion telling what is next to do and goes with you in the stories and exercises. Patients can access their data, understand things that are working or not for them and better communicate with their therapist about their situation.

6 demo screen of the biekos app proposition

Project extra

I also work on creating a unique set of images to illustrate or blog and learning articles. Having this set helped better solidify the unique brand image of Biekos.

set of 9 images with medical purpose
drawing image of a brain with circles around it

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