Jeremie Roberrini


Helping people with chronic pain to understand their situation and get better.

The UX/UI Designer

For 3 months

Being the only designer meant I had the freedom to chose the process I wanted to apply and where to focus the more attention on. It was a great opportunity to introduce to the development team new practice and tool such as component-based development and Zeplin. But it also creates a challenge of self-scrutiny, quality and attention.

Beikos is founded by a Biomedical engineer who is creating a solution based on medical research finding. The key to my work was to make sure that everything the solution needed to learn and offer to its user was delivered in a friendly and easy to understand way.

Problem statement:

How can we help people with chronic pain to better, understand their situation, communicate with their therapist and find relief?

The first step is for the app to learn about people

The key feature in Biekos is to provide a daily questionnaire to its user. Therapy wise it helps patient to reflect on their feeling a body and it’s been proven that regular self-assessment is a key component into feeling better. On our side user response helps feed a content suggestion algorithm and creates a comprehensive patient profile useful for a therapist.

I went to countless iteration to find the best way to deliver and ask each question of the daily questionnaire.

Early protoptypes

Focus on location for key features

Input Methos Iterations

Focus on the easiest way to demande for information

One challenge was to build a system compliant with multiples iterations.

Knowing from the beginning, that the app will be released in beta first, there will be changes, other developers and designers after me forces you to think about the long run.

I used Figma for its easiness in collaboration, making sure to build a design system with well document component for future designers to come. 

I also introduced to the development team the usage of Zeplin for design handover.

Helping people understand their situation

Biekos use the information collected to tailor a unique experience of bite-size stories and information to read and learn. Learning about your pain, the experience of others and coping mechanism helps people feel better and explain in better details their personal experience.

My mission was to create insightful infographic and joyful illustrations to go with the stories.

Communicate with your therapist

Details about you are the most useful to your therapist. Biekos analyse your responses to identify factors that have an impact on your pain and consolidate useful insight into your profile. We encourage people to share this report with their therapist and talk about their progress in each session.

Help people with chronic pain find relief

Both the application and therapist can suggest little exercise and activity to the patient to help improve their current situation.

Learnings & outcomes

The first real application developed

I’m grateful to have got the chance to work on such and helpful solution. This was the first time I was designing a product that was going to be launched and I was given a tremendous amount of responsibility allowing me to experiment and deploy everything I knew.

The beta is currently ongoing and I am really excited to get to know the public response once it finally launches.